Important Shipping Information

Shipping chocolate to arrive at its destination safely and soundly can be a challenge, but we do our best! Please take a minute to read about our rates and policies:

Shipping Methods

Our website is integrated with USPS. Their shipping options include:

First Class Mail (any item weighing less than one pound)

Priority Mail (any item weighing more than one pound)

Priority Mail Express

How Costs Are Calculated

Shipping costs are based on weight and include a nominal handling charge to cover our packaging costs. Once your order has been fulfilled by our shop, you will receive a confirmation email that provides a USPS tracking number.

Summertime Orders

Because chocolate melts in warmer temperatures, we do not ship our product from June through September.

Shipping Over the Weekend

Most of our shipments are sent out Monday through Wednesday in order to avoid having the chocolates sit over the weekend in a warm warehouse. Depending on your order day and current outdoor temperatures, your package may be held until the following Monday to ensure minimal time in transit.

Timing of Shipments

Because every order is hand-picked and packaged with care, it may take our chocolatier up to a week to make and ship your order. During our busy holiday season, it's possible that your shipment could take a little longer.

International Orders

Please call our shop at (720) 925-5982 to discuss shipping options to international destinations.