You can ship to multiple people just by placing ONE order!  Follow these steps for efficient ordering.         (It may be helpful to print this page if it's your first time placing multiple orders.)

SHOP BY RECIPIENT Shop our site, and add all items that you'd like sent to your first recipient to the cart. When all items for that person are in your cart, click on the checkbox next to "Ship to Multiple Addresses". You will then see options to SET ADDRESS, ADD MESSAGE, and SHIP ANOTHER.

Click on SET ADDRESS under the first item, fill in the recipient's information, and click CONTINUE. Check each box to select all of the items going to that person. Next, select your desired shipping method, and click CONTINUE. You will then see each of your items has been assigned to your first recipient.

If you'd like us to add a card with a personal message, click on ADD MESSAGE. You only need to do this for the first item of the group; we will be sure to add a message card to the package. 

FOR THE NEXT RECIPIENT Click CONTINUE SHOPPING and add all items that you'd like sent to your next recipient to the cart. When they're all in your cart, click SET ADDRESS under the first item and fill in your next recipient's information, and click CONTINUE. The newly added items will appear at the top of your cart. Again, check the boxes next to all of the new items that you want sent to your second recipient. You will notice your previous order shows up below, with the items shown in gray boxes because they are for a different recipient. Select shipping and add a message if desired.

WHEN TO USE "SHIP ANOTHER" You'll see this button as an option under every item in your cart. Use this button ONLY if you want to send that same, single item to a new recipient, without adding any extra items to that person's order. 

ALL FINISHED? When you've placed all of your orders, click CHECKOUT and you will see your orders with any applicable message, shipping costs and taxes. Fill out your billing information and place your payment, multiple deliveries!